Leadership has been written about for thousands of years. Leadership is neither a role nor a status. Leadership is a mindset, a behavior, and quite challenging to define in the form of a fixed set of skills.

How to learn leadership?

How to adopt the mindset, the behavior, and develop the skills?
How to create the conditions to help others around you to develop their leadership?

We believe that the combination of experiential learning, social learning, and formal learning, referred to as the 70-20-10 framework, is the ideal way to grow your leadership and help others do it.

The Emerging Leadership Network offers the conditions to allow leadership to emerge and reveal your potential and the potential of people around you.

Invest in your leadership development so that you can better serve the cause that matters to you.

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Embark on a journey to nurture and grow your potential by doing and helping others do it. Join an international network of people willing to share and learn what makes the difference in getting leadership to emerge in any organization.