Practice Spotlight: Be Impeccable with Your Words

Ever noticed how your words can shape your actions and influence others? 🤔 In our book, “I am a Software Engineer and I am in Charge”, we delve into this concept with our first practice: Be Impeccable with Your Words.

This practice is all about harnessing the power of your words to drive truth and love. It’s not about making drastic changes overnight, but investing a deliberate amount of energy to gradually shift the way you express yourself. 🗣️

We’ve even included a 5-day challenge to help you get started! Each day, you’ll choose a part of your day to be conscious of your words, reflect on your progress, and plan for the next day. 📅

Why not give it a try? You might be surprised at how much of a difference it can make. And remember, rewiring the brain takes repetition, so focus on changing one automatic reaction at a time. 💡

Here it is: Be Impeccable with Your Words!

For more practices like this, check out our book.

Let’s take charge of our words and actions together! 🚀


  • Alexis Monville

    Alexis Monville worked in multicultural and distributed environments for years, coming back from the US and now based in the southwest of France. When asked if he misses the work in the office, he usually answers that he spent half of his 30 years of management experience in diverse sectors outside of the office and a lot of that working from home. Alexis is Chief of Staff to the CTO at Red Hat, a long-time hybrid open-source software company with more than 100 office locations in 40 countries, where half of the 20,000 people work remotely. Alexis is a firm believer that change starts with the self. He is the author of two books: Changing Your Team From The Inside and I am a Software Engineer and I am in Charge. Alexis facilitates successful playful collaborations. He designs and builds sustainable and high-impact teams and organizations.

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