The Origin of the BEPS Framework

Navigating the bustling corridors of a 300-strong cloud infrastructure team, I witnessed firsthand the complexities and challenges of a large-scale software development setup. The traditional organization with its neatly partitioned functions – product management, software engineering, quality assurance, and the like – seemed efficient on paper, but it was far from optimal. We brought together…

Cultivating a Global Culture: Lessons from Canva

📣 Have you ever wondered how some companies manage to preserve their culture while expanding on a global scale? 🔗 I came across an insightful article that delves into this very question, looking at how Canva—yes, the design platform we all love—has successfully maintained a unified culture while spanning across continents. 🌟 Key Takeaways:1️⃣ Culture…

The Myth of “Startup Culture”

The term “startup culture” is often thrown around in the business world, conjuring images of casual dress codes, open office spaces, and a relentless drive for innovation. However, after delving into the operations of various startups, like Freetrade, it becomes evident that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all “startup culture.” Instead, the culture of a startup is what…

This is Season Three of Le Podcast!

Season 3 of Le Podcast on Emerging Leadership features interviews with experts on leadership and related topics. In the first episode, Jared Kleinert, the CEO, and co-founder of Offsite and the founder of Meeting of the Minds, discusses the importance of meeting in person in the future of work, the process and considerations for organizing…

Invest in Open Source with Joseph Jacks

Over the last years, people have moved from innovating in secret labs to innovating in the open, and open-source became the way to define industry standards. Today, I am pleased to have Joseph Jacks on the podcast to explore the open-source world. Joseph is the founder and General Partner of OSS Capital a fund that exclusively focuses on early-stage commercial open source companies.

What to Nurture in Sustainable and High-Impact Organizations?

When old innovations depreciate quickly, and new ones become a standard in a short time, how to facilitate your organization’s resiliency, agility, and responsiveness to an ever-changing ecosystem? How to attract and retain talents? How to keep them focused, motivated, and engaged in our ever more challenging new hybrid world? Some companies seemed to evolve…

Public Speaking

A few months back, I was doing some research on public speaking, and I stumbled on this short video of one of the world’s experts in public speaking Conor Neil. What I learned in the video changed forever the way I envision starting and finishing a talk. Yes, there is a grownup way to say: Once upon…

Delivering Delight with Avi Liran

Avi Liran is the CDO at Delivering Delight. CDO stands for Chief Delighting Officer. Delivering delight is what we explore in this episode of Le Podcast on Emerging Leadership.

Radical Focus with Christina Wodtke

In that episode of Le Podcast, I had the great pleasure to receive Christina Wodtke. Christina is an author, lecturer at Stanford, and speaker who teaches techniques to create high performing teams.

Human-Centric Agility Coaching

Geof Ellingham, Business agility champion and leadership coach, gave his insights about Agile Coaching in this new episode of Le Podcast.