Founders’ Foresight

Founders’ Foresight is a quarterly subscription service offering facilitated retrospectives, designed to optimize efficiency and foster growth within your founding team, propelling your startup towards sustainable success.

Introducing Founders’ Foresight, a unique subscription service dedicated to startup founders. Our product is centered around the concept of facilitated retrospectives, held quarterly, to ensure that you and your founding team are operating at peak efficiency.

With the help of our expert facilitators, these retrospectives will allow your team to reflect, learn, and plan for the future in a structured and productive manner.

Our aim is not only to identify challenges and successes but also to cultivate a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

By subscribing to Founders’ Foresight, your team will gain invaluable insights to drive strategic decision-making, foster strong leadership, and effectively navigate the dynamic startup landscape.

Elevate your startup journey with Founders’ Foresight—because the key to a successful future lies in understanding your past and present.

Foresight Trial
Experience the power of a facilitated retrospective with our one-time trial.
An opportunity to understand how Founders’ Foresight can revolutionize your startup’s growth trajectory.
1549 €
Annual Foresight Subscription
Commit to a year of insights and growth with our Annual Foresight Subscription.

With quarterly facilitated retrospectives, help your founding team evolve and excel throughout the year.
4949 €