Jared Kleinert

Jared Kleinert is the Founder/CEO of Offsite.

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Jared is also the founder of Meeting of the Minds (motm.co), as well as a TED speaker, 3x award-winning author, and USA Today’s “Most Connected Millennial”.

Previously, Jared was one of the first ten employees at enterprise SaaS company called 15Five, which today has raised over $40M and has over 3000 forward-thinking companies as monthly recurring clients. 15Five is the market leader for software powering continuous employee feedback, high-performing cultures, objectives (OKR) tracking, etc.

Later, Jared would become a delegate to President Obama’s 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Malaysia, write multiple books including the “#1 Entrepreneurship Book of 2015”, 2 Billion Under 20: How Millennials are Breaking Down Age Barriers and Changing The World (2015), and “Networking: How To Meet Influential People, Deepen Relationships, and Become A Super-Connector” (2022), and speak at TED@IBM the day before he turned 20.

As a highly-sought after keynote speaker and consultant on engaging Millennials in the workplace, Jared’s clients have ranged from organizations like Facebook, Samsung, Bacardi, Estee Lauder, IBM, Cornell, Berkeley, AdAge, and the National Speakers Association. His insights on entrepreneurship and networking have been featured in major media such as Forbes, TIME, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, NPR, Entrepreneur, Mashable, Fox Business and more.

Appears on Le Podcast on Emerging Leadership episode

Author of the books

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