Jeremy Brown

I bridge the gap between the technology team and the business functions (marketing, sales, account management, customer operations, etc.) to create long term business value.

I work with organisations seeking to grow and transform their business while operating in the midst of complexity. Getting technology choices right is less than half the battle, leading, growth, organisational change and technology delivery can be far more difficult to deliver.

I started out my career as a software engineer, then delivered software solutions as a consultant/architect/manager, before spending time in pre-sales engineering and sales. I have now come full circle to return to engineering and building products.

My passion remains in knowing how things really work, writing code and architecting systems – this is due to my strong belief that people in technology (no matter how senior) must retain their ability to at least read and understand code in order to remain effective and lead other technical people.

My experience and interests lie in leadership, transformation, DevOps and software delivery. Using tools and technologies such as Containers (Docker, Kubernetes), Cloud Native Applications, Micro-Services, APIs and API Management. Exercising my skills and knowledge of architecture and how open source communities work.

Appears on Le Podcast on Emerging Leadership episode

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