Joseph Jacks

Joseph is the founder and General Partner of OSS Capital, a fund that exclusively focuses on early-stage commercial open source companies.

About OSS Capital

We are the world’s first and only early-stage VC dedicated exclusively to COSS (commercial open source) startups on a global basis. Previously, I was extremely fortunate to help start and run the very first Kubernetes startup (Kismatic) and also found and run KubeCon (the Kubernetes community conference) before donating it to the Linux Foundation in 2016 as the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) was materializing.

Our approach at OSS Capital is to be the first institutional startup investor at incorporation in next-generation COSS businesses that will transform our future across all industries.

Our portfolio contains the largest array of market-defining and fastest-growing open source founders in spaces like Data, AI/ML, Gaming, Consumer & Enterprise Applications, Networking, API / Middleware Infrastructure and more.

We are humbled to serve 50+ portfolio companies that support 100 million+ users, 10,000+ open source contributors, 700,000+ GitHub stars and > 20 projects in the top 0.0001% open source ecosystems globally.

OSS is backed by great institutions and founders/operators of the most successful COSS startups of the last 30 years including HashiCorp, MongoDB, Elastic, Red Hat, GitLab, GitHub, Cloudera, Confluent, JFrog and many more.

Our thesis has remained the same since our founding and is very simple:

Open source is eating software itself a lot faster than software is eating the world.

Appears on Le Podcast on Emerging Leadership episode

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