Portia Tung

Portia Tung is an Executive & Personal Coach, an Executive Agile Coach, a Play Researcher, and a Keynote Speaker who brings about positive and enduring change through the combination of personal coaching and business strategies with play. As a coach, she offers executive and personal coaching for individuals, executive and business Agile coaching for Agile Transformations, and designs and facilitates soft skills workshops for team building, group coaching, and offsite events. Portia is also an international keynote speaker on leadership, coaching, and play science, and the author of The Dream Team Nightmare, the first-ever Agile novel where your decisions determine the outcome of the story. Additionally, she is the founder of The School of Play, which is dedicated to promoting happier adulthood through lifelong play. Through her work, Portia helps individuals and organizations embrace play and coaching to enhance their personal and professional lives.

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